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Vitamin B12 Shots Knoxville:
B12 Shots Knoxville: Vitamin B12 is a natural nutrient that your body needs in order to maintain a healthy and efficient metabolism. Most B12 deficiencies stem from malabsorption rather than diet. B12 injections are superior to diet and oral supplements since they bypass the gastrointestinal tract.

People who are low in vitamin B12 usually experience one or more of the following symptoms: anemia, fatigue, constipation, numbness and tingling in the hands and/or feet, depression and low mood, poor memory, sores in the mouth and on the tongue and dementia.

Your body depends on B12 for a variety of functions: normal energy levels, healthy metabolism, fatigue prevention, healthy cell growth and repair, healthy nervous and immune systems, healthy neurological activity, healthy cardiac function and stress reduction. Often, patients also report an improvement in mental alertness and overall energy after increasing their B12 level.

Optimyze’s little weight loss wonder shot does it all—helps detoxify, de-stress, and remove fat while boosting metabolism, immunity and energy to burn fat. This contains a unique combination of essential nutrients and amino acids that work synergistically to help boost the metabolism to fight stress and enhance energy.

It contains Choline, Inositol and Methionine, which assist in the moving and transporting fats out of the body. In addition, it also contains B-12 for support to increase energy production/metabolism.

Medical research has proven that Vitamin B-12 can increase weight loss
by 2.3% for women and 3.7% for men on a reduced calorie diet
The fat burner shot does include B-12 and is unlike any other energy product on the market. Most products can act as a nervous system stimulant which can cause you to feel nervous or jittery. Our little fat burner shot gives you more energy without feeling bad or being fatigued at the end of the day. Just one injection is $25 and is done in the office approximately once a week.

Furthermore, the fat burner shot can be done during or after the HCG diet. We all know that experiencing excess fat in the body can have more than just an effect on one’s health. Being overweight can affect one’s whole way of life, decreasing confidence and hampering a social life. The reason why this is such a common problem for millions of people is that diet and exercise sometimes don’t work to get rid of that stubborn excess fat. Call to learn more about the new HCG JumpStart program and find out how you can safely lose up to one pound per day.

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