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Exercise Consulting

Regain the Body You Once Had:

Optimyze: Anti-Aging & Performance Specialists partners with exercise training consultants in your local area helping you regain strength and attain total body fitness. Our customized exercise programs are design for men and women of all ages and varying levels on physical ability.

You can achieve a better and healthier you with the combination of proper diet, a well-planned exercise program and hormone replacement therapy.

Gain Strength – Feel Better – Look Younger! Call the Exercise Experts at Optimyze: Anti-Aging & Performance Specialists 865.671.2478


Nutritional Consulting

Proper Nutritional Consulting is the Key to “A Better and Healthier You”:

Unfortunately, over the past twenty years, the United States has experienced a tremendous rise in adult and childhood obesity. This has been brought on in large part by the huge surge in processed foods and the easy to access fast food restaurant on every corner.

A Customized Plan for Proper Nutrition:

Our customized approach to Nutritional Counseling teaches man and women of all ages about the correct foods to eat and just as importantly the foods that you must avoid.  We will teach you how to cook healthier and how to avoid the fast foods, soft drinks and other calorie filled products that are killing you. We will also teach you how to read and understand all those confusing food Labels that have been designed to trick you.

Our Proven Nutritional Programs Will Help Eliminate:

  • Problems losing or gaining weight
  • Obesity
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Medical problems
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Problems sleeping
  • Slow to healing injuries
  • Aches and pains
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