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Help slow the aging process at Optimyze the top Knoxville anti-aging clinic. Anti-aging medicine is playing a major role in a patient’s ability to have a better quality of life. The aging process has an effect on many systems in our bodies, starting with our skin, organs, and musculoskeletal system.  Because of the normal wear and tear on our body, plus the slow decrease in important hormones such as estrogen, thyroid hormone and growth hormone, the human body goes through some unwanted changes that can now be halted or slowed.

Anti-aging therapy used in combination with exercise/nutritional counseling and vitamin supplements can quickly help patients regain vitality and a better quality of life.

Knoxville anti-aging clinic
knoxville anti aging clinic

Bio-identical Hormones

Men and women can both benefit from bio identical hormones that replace low levels of natural testosterone and estrogen.

Female depression is a common occurrence in women in their 40’s and 50’s.  When women enter their mid to late 40’s, peri menopause and early menopause can cause havoc on a women’s hormonal system.  Changes in their estrogen, progesterone and testosterone can cause symptoms of fatigue, depression, loss of libido, as well as weight gain.

If you’re feeling sad, guilty, tired, and just generally “down in the dumps,” you may be suffering from depression. The good news is that depression is treatable, the more you understand about depression’s particular implications for women, the more equipped you will be to tackle the condition head on.

If the reason for female depression is hormone related, an easy blood test can help diagnose the problem.  Hormone replacement of these low hormones can help alleviate these common symptoms and help women out of her depression.

As men enter middle age they notice changes caused by a decline in testosterone: fewer and less effective erections, fatigue, thinning skin, declining muscle mass, less strength and an increase in body fat.

As part of the expanding scope of preventive medicine, Hormone Replacement therapy has significantly advanced over the years, evolving into anti-aging or age-management therapy. Cal the experts at Optimyze the top Knoxville anti-aging clinic.

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