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Non-Invasive Body Contouring

SculpSure is a breakthrough in light-based body contouring designed to reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the abdomen and love handles, helping you achieve a slimmer and natural looking appearance without surgery or downtime.

• Up to 24%reduction in stubborn fat

• Over 90% patient satisfaction rate

• Comfortable and well tolerated

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Reduce Stubborn Fat Without Surgery or Downtime using SculpSure

Even with diet and exercise, most people have stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to lose. SculpSure’s body contouring technology is able to target and destroy these fat cells in just 25 minutes without affecting the skin’s surface. Over time, these damaged fat cells are naturally absorbed and removed from the body, with results seen as quickly as six weeks, and optimal results typically seen at 12 weeks. There is no recovery time following treatment, so you can resume your daily activities immediately.

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